Violist Christen Lien’s ‘Ode’ to Detroit—A City in Tatters

by Ben

Banksy - I remember when all this was trees


I was born and raised in the Motor City—Detroit, Michigan. It’s so sad to see it in such a woebegone state.

While artists like Banksy (see the image above) have touched hearts and minds by reminding us of its tragedy with his thought provoking murals and silent soliloquies, Christen Lien’s music pierces through that silence, chilling the soul.

As she plays a superbly arranged accompaniment piece on viola—by herself—the scope of her talent is matched only by the spectacle conferred through the gutted remains of the once great industrial factories that serve as her stage. As I watched the video, many emotions washed over me. It felt as though I could hear the city crying to itself.

Special thanks to my friend Jacob Boeke, for pointing out this talented artist to me on Facebook.

Click on the following hyperlink to get access to more of Christen Lien’s history and works.

  • WASmommy

    What a great piece. Thanks for sharing this. You are right, I could hear the city’s cry..

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